Spiritual Companionship (Spiritual Direction)

Spiritual companioning (SC) or Spiritual Direction (SD) has been practiced for centuries, although it remains unfamiliar and mysterious to many people.  I approach Spiritual Companionship as a space where “time is different.”  There is a slowing and an intentional process of listening to God with you on your behalf.  There are many resources that explain its practice and purpose, but one I find particularly helpful is offered here by Rev Bill Haley from Coracle in Quicksburg, VA:

“Spiritual direction is…the process whereby one person offers a listening, prayerful presence to another while they journey together with God.  The spiritual director is one who, most simply, walks alongside another person helping them listen to what God is saying in their lives and recognize God’s action… in spiritual direction a director ‘listens to God on the person’s behalf.’  In spiritual direction, it is more listening with God together than one person listening only to the other.”

I experience being a spiritual companion as being a co-traveler on the pilgrimage of life, where I enjoy “sitting around the campfire” at night, hearing others share their experience of Love/Light/God/Spirit on the journey that day.  I considers it a sacred gift to be invited to walk with another as they pay attention to where the experience of God’s presence, or seeming absence, which helps lead to greater wholeness.

Spiritual direction sessions typically last 60 minutes and can take place in person, online or by phone. I have experience in using the Enneagram, trauma-informed care, inner healing prayer and various spiritual practices (such as lectio divina, centering prayer among others) which can be ways Spirit/God/Love may invite you to hear more clearly.

If you would like to schedule an introductory session to decide if SD is a right next step for you, or with further questions, please feel free to contact me at sightinglight@gmail.com.