My vocational work, relationships and personal journey have shown me it is often through pain, suffering, darkness and loss that we have the greatest opportunity to grow, heal and become more whole.  My personal experiences include being a child of divorced parents, infertility, vocational struggles including burnout and mid-life career changes, military deployments and associated trauma, frequent geographical moves, marriage struggles, unexpected death of a parent, faith deconstruction and reconstruction, experiences of humiliation and shame (both private and public), physical manifestations of stress and disease and exposure to vulnerable populations that disrupted my life.  Each of these brought different forms of suffering and loss that led to growth, often seen more clearly in hindsight.

To “sight light” is to intentionally choose to set our focus and vision on this “Light” – these opportunities to heal through “darkness.”  This sometimes requires enormous strength as well as a great amount of surrender.  The renewal process that comes after these times is often where the greatest health comes from.

As I pursued holistic health personally, I studied and trained in diverse areas including: trauma-informed care, including the role of toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in health across the course of a lifetime; the Enneagram; Spiritual Direction; Health Coaching and the Mind-Body connection, among others.  I found these insights healing, both personally and as I began to share with others.  My approach as I partner with those in search of health is shaped and informed by these experiences and this education.

I am a helper by nature and training, but my hope is to guide you to the heart of issues, where you may realize you are able to help yourself much more than you imagine.  For me that is inherently linked to the healing presence and action of Light/Love/God/Spirit.  I enjoy working with people across the spectrum of faith backgrounds.  Whether you share my beliefs, struggle with spiritual issues or are unsure what you believe, I hope you feel welcome to take a look around and contact me at for an initial meeting.