Health Guide:

My personal journey, unique experiences, diverse training and many relationships have shaped the way I view and approach health.  I believe it is impossible to separate our physical health from our health in any other area- be it mental, emotional, relational or spiritual.  There are complicated systems that prevent these connections from being explored in a typical clinic, counseling or therapy visit.  I am a professional listener and my approach to health involves first and foremost listening to those I am with.

A person may come to a health guide session with a variety of issues or goals, including things such as:
-frustration with feeling life is too busy but unsure how to make lasting changes
-difficulty in sticking to health and life goals
-difficulty in losing weight or struggling with body image issues
-inability to understand why certain health issues continue despite having dealt with them for an extended time
-a desire to make a life change but unable or unsure how to start
-a desire to process a life change and how it is affecting overall health
-a desire to talk about where God is working or present (or seems absent) in daily life

I believe part of our healing comes as we share our stories and are truly heard.  Often as we are listened to we discover we have more insight to our health than we have realized.  As you share your story and your health goals and desires, I will begin by ensuring I hear you well.  Then, together we will explore ways you can reach your goals and become not just healthy, but whole.  While this may involve suggested “homework”, goal-setting, assignments and/or other action steps, my approach is as a friend and guide more than a coach or director, so any plans made will be developed together.

Health Guide sessions typically last 60 minutes and can take place in person, online or by phone.  If you would like to schedule an introductory session to decide if working together is a right next step for you, or with further questions, please feel free to contact me at