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Hi.  My name is Dawn Muench and I am glad you are here.

My life has been an ongoing journey, one that has taken me all around this country and the world.  What I have discovered is no matter where I am or who I am with, there are parts of each of us that are incredibly unique and parts of us that are exactly the same.  I believe our families, our communities and our world are most healthy when each of us is able to realize both those unique parts of ourselves, as well as the ways we have commonality with those around us.

No matter our backgrounds, cultures or experiences, there are struggles we all have in common, even as each of us face unique challenges in our specific lives.  My passion is helping others find holistic healing from whatever barriers, beliefs, health problems, relationships or experiences prevent them from being as whole as possible.  I believe our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational health are intricately connected and so I describe my work as a mixture of life coaching, health coaching, spiritual direction and guiding/encouraging.

People may come with a variety of issues or goals, including things such as:
-frustration with feeling life is too busy but unsure how to make lasting changes
-difficulty in sticking to health and life goals
-difficulty in losing weight or struggling with body image issues
-inability to understand why certain health issues continue despite having dealt with them for an extended time
-a desire to make a life change but unable or unsure how to start
-a desire to process a life change and how it is affecting overall health
-a desire to talk about where God is working or present (or seems absent) in daily life

Using my background, experiences and training, in an initial meeting I will listen to you describe the questions you are bringing to our time together.  After ensuring I have truly heard your struggles, hopes, desires and health goals, we will decide together how to move forward. I typically meet with people monthly for an hour and we discuss together health and/or spiritual experiences and questions.

I love partnering with people in whatever ways are most helpful on this journey.  Feel free to take a look around and contact me if you are interested in exploring how we might work together.